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Solar cells: monocrystalline (4 pcs , 1V/520MA per piece)
Battery:  Ni-MH (4 pcs, 1200MAH/pc)/ Super capacitor (4 pcs,120F/pc)Light source 1, 4pcs of patch super light LED
Light source 2:5pcs ofΦ5 super light LED
Luminous (Light source 1) Constant type
Luminous (Light source 2)Constant type/varying type
Luminous color (Light source 1) White
Luminous color (Light source 2) Red, blue, green;
Beam Angle of divergence:Face shine
Working time:More than 30 hours for constant type (under standard luminosity intensity one day)
Resist compression:20 tons
Life: More than 5 years for Ni-MH/ more than 15 years for super capacitor
Masks material:Polycarbonate
Quality guarantee period:14 months
Environmental requirements
Temperature range:-25℃~75℃
Waterproof grad:IP68
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