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Solar panel:poly-crystalline silicon / single-crystalline silicon (2.5V,160MAH,0.3W)  
Storage battery: Ni-MH (1.2V,1200mAH)capacitor(2.3V,220F)    
Light source: Super Bright Leds
Led Colours Red,Green,Blue,White,Orange or Colours to Customer Specification
Luminous mode: Flashing or Static subject to customer specification
Work time: 180 hours above for Varying Type; and more than 50 hours for constant type
Work temperature: -25 to +75 degree C.                                                  
Material of light: Soft PVC 
 Waterproof grade IP>67
Life: >5 years (Ni-MH) or 15 years (capacitor)
View distance: over 800m mcd2000   
Guarantee period:3 years subject to Fair Wear &Tear
Installation:Continuous edge magnet or a Soft Nut Assembly to customer choice
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